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More Haps

+ Last weekend, I went to the Rendezvous at Vincennes, where I prowled the grounds, went to the fashion show, and saw the artillery demonstration and EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY BIG BATTEL, which ends differently every year. (This year, the armies of the Continental Congress quailed before the might of the British Empire and were driven ignominiously into defeat.) There are no pictures because my iPhone camera kind of does not handle things at a distance well, and you can't get right up on the battlefield to watch things be shot off.

+ Rocksy got a new job and clocked out for the last time on the 24th. She is happy and excited about her new job, and I'm happy for her, though it's weird and too quiet without my buddy. On Thursday, Maryum went out to eat at Cheddars with her, and Sheryl and I were hungry for chicken and waffles, so we invited ourselves to crash their dinner. This was well-received, and a good time was had by all.

+ I have clipped my natural hair really short, which is much more convenient and pleasant than having to pull it back in a bun and stuff it up and under my hair, but have not yet developed the stones to buzz it all off. Soon.

+ I re-entered Los Muertes yesterday in order to take measurements. The tenants were home, which was awkward, but they were nice and gracious about it, and I said I was going to try to avoid unnecessary creepiness but just wanted to make sure I had appropriate window treatments. (They have no curtains; my bedroom window has affixtures for a curtain rod, but the current window treatments are blinds and I don't want to assume they belong to the landlord only to find out I'm wrong.) I had totally forgotten, incidentally, that there is a small indentation where a table might be placed. (The kitchen isn't a proper kitchen, just a kitchenette.) The bathroom doesn't have a window and thus won't require curtains.

Every other woman my age is like, "HOUSEY!!!! I'm going to decoupage my favorite inspirational saying onto this piece of driftwood I painted robin's egg blue to match my furniture!!!", and I'm like, "I WILL DWELL IN THIS LAND. Err'body be careful where they put the furniture, it's going to still be there when I move out." I am so bad at Real Adulthood, but Real Adulthood looks like it might suck and be kind of boring, so I don't think I want to be very good at it.

+ Also, I have registered for the fall semester, thus proving that pretty much anything is possible, somehow. I'm taking the last two of the Core Four for the anthropology major (I took Bioanthropology and Introduction to Archaeology approximately 500 years ago to knock out distribution requirements), and Roman Law, because I tried to take Roman Law also about 500 years ago and had to drop it. (TL;DR - I bit off more coursework than I could chew that semester, was distressed by my beginning grade in C206 which at that time was a requirement for the Classical Studies major, and decided that it was more important to do well in C206. I pulled an A in that class, but had to drop Roman Law.) IT SHALL NOT CONQUER. Also, pleasure is important and so is keeping my classics hand in.

+ Did absolutely fucking nothing today. Might go doze in a bit.


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Jun. 1st, 2014 11:58 pm (UTC)
Short hair is awesome.

Good luck with the classes!
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