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The IKEA At The End Of The World

It has been a very long time since I posted. So here are the haps:

+ I don't recall a whole lot of things happening in the first half of June. Dance class is, momentarily, in abeyance, because the gym where we were meeting has been put up for sale, and Laci hasn't been able to find another venue. I don't anticipate it will start back up again before I move, but I'll be there if it does.
+ The week before my birthday, I went to St. Louis for a performance of The Magic Flute, set and costume design by Isaac Mizrahi. They went for an old-Hollywood kind of theme, which was a fun twist; the show was great, too. Subsequently, I got on the University's website to look at opera for the coming year and found that The Magic Flute is playing in the spring, which amuses me no end. Will probably go back next summer for The Barber of Seville.
+ Birthday was fun, if slightly anticlimactic from being at work. I came in to find balloons tied to my chair (including one that said, incongruously, "Welcome Baby". Shaun said that the only other option was "Sorry For Your Loss", so at least there was some thematic agreement). Then Maryum made me come down to the fifth floor, where I was surprised by Rocksy and MOAR BALLOONS. I said later I hoped she was pleased with herself. Needless to say, she was. Also, there was delightful lemon cake.
+ The movers came on Thursday to give me an estimate. It was under $1000, which was what I had hoped. I'll pay anything if it means lolmom doesn't have to help load the truck.
+ This weekend, lolmom and I drove out to THE IKEA AT THE END OF THE WORLD. We'd hoped it would take us about 8 hours (3.5 hours to get to West Chester, Ohio, about an hour to shop since I already knew what I wanted, and another 3.5 to get back). Obviously, it didn't play out like this. I went to pick up the truck at 7:00 a.m., per my rental agreement. It had just been returned by the previous renter, and it was not until 7:45 that I got to actually get in the truck and drive it somewhere. We arrived at IKEA around noon, whereupon I called the U-Haul office and extended my agreement until 6 p.m. (I was supposed to return the truck at 3). The store was packed, which I guess is to be expected in the Cincinnati area on a Saturday, and most of the other shoppers appeared to have never seen furniture before. I already knew what I wanted, though I did pick up some things that I hadn't gambled on; in the end, I walked out with a sofa bed, a coffee table, a kitchen table, three chairs, a bed, and a nightstand, plus a lamp and some cushions for the kitchen chairs. I am $1300 lighter in the wallet and actually have some of my furniture fund left. By the time the truck was loaded, I knew it wasn't going to be possible to get it back at 6, and called U-Haul again; the nice CSR helpfully extended my rental until 7:45 this morning and told me they wouldn't charge extra for it. By the time lolmom and I ate at the Waffle House in Corydon, got home, got the furniture out of our vehicles and into the garage, dropped off the truck, and came back home, it was 10:30. I was BEAT. But, I have furniture and I didn't
+ I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon. I'm also meeting up with someone for coffee tomorrow evening - not really a date, we're going Dutch, but definitely someone I like well enough to be friends with if nothing else. EXCITEMENT!


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Jul. 7th, 2014 04:34 pm (UTC)
Yay for new furniture!

Going ANYWHERE on a holiday weekend is on my list of "NO" things unless I have absolutely no choice... it seems like all the really especially dumb people come out then.
Jul. 14th, 2014 02:45 am (UTC)
I am pleased! It better last me a bazillion years :D

If by "really especially dumb" you mean "HERP DERP I HAS NEVER SEEN THIS-HURR FURNITURE", I would be inclined to agree with you. I barely managed to avoid a meltdown.
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