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[sticky post] The People's Republic of Xi-feng Welcomes You

hi welcome.

This, like most documents, is a living one. Last updated 21 August 2017.

As of April 2017, I have moved to Dreamwidth; my username there is xifeng, if you'd like to follow along at home. I still read my friendslist here and respond to entries thereon or comments left on my journal, but LJ is no longer my primary hub.

Zdravstvuite, hajime mashite, and yo hey. (Also salve, if you're into Latin.) I'm l33. It's ttly awesomesauce to meet you. (Unless you're a multi-level marketer, and then it's not quite so much with the ttl awesomesauce, but I would still like to see how your mind works.) Here is some stuff about me so you can't say you weren't warned.

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What I'm likeCollapse )

Stuff I am into/like/engage in frequentlyCollapse )

Stuff I talk about and don't talk about, and how I talk about it.Collapse )

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The Commissariat of Tourism and Internet Gawking hopes you enjoy your stay.



I noticed things weren't getting cross-posted to LJ, so I've reconfigured this thing and hopefully they'll start showing up there as well as here. Why must technology be so complicated?

This entry was originally posted at http://xifeng.dreamwidth.org/521233.html. You can comment here or there.

Apr. 15th, 2017

Good evening, friends.

I am not deleting my LiveJournal and will probably have some form of presence until LJ implodes sooner or later. (Bluntly put, I'm an actual LGBTQ+ person who is potentially affected by our new overlords.) That said, I will no longer actively post on LJ (save maybe at Runaway Tales, though I've not been active there in yonks). Everything gets posted at Dreamwidth (PROTIP: my username there is xifeng) and ported to LJ. You can comment here or there, as you like.

I was on LJ for almost 15 years. That seems impossible to me.

Friends in High Places

Actual transcript from dream last night:

Me: Look, if you have to put [Father's Name] in touch with me, he can pass a message through Tiberius.
Lolmom: lol
Me: I cleared it with him first. It's fine.
(Worth mentioning: we were in the countryside, and I was playing with a peculiar, fluffy creature that was some kind of bizarre cross between a bunny and a chick.)

(Brain cuts to flashback of this discussion.)

(Apparently, in the twisted context of this dream, the recently-dead Divine Augustus had performed the same service for me and was particularly adept at "losing" my father's correspondence.)

RECOMMENDATION: Stop reading about the early principate before bed.

Amazing Achievements Unlocked Of Late

I have had some trouble making the adjustment to being an unemployed student again, so the past couple of weeks, while enjoyable in some regards, have been tough in others. (Menstruating hasn't helped. I really wish I could just go off hormonal birth control entirely, but that's not a thing that can happen for about another 15 years.) I am feeling better now, so I'm going to rub your face in how I'm a totally functional adult and shit. And also because there is likely to be some radio silence for the next week or so (I have a problem set for L200 and a paper for C308 due in the next week).

BEHOLDCollapse )

And now, if you will excuse me, I believe my dinner is ready.

I Will Dwell In This Land

Hi everyone. I'm home in Bloomington.

The IKEA At The End Of The World

It has been a very long time since I posted. So here are the haps:

+ I don't recall a whole lot of things happening in the first half of June. Dance class is, momentarily, in abeyance, because the gym where we were meeting has been put up for sale, and Laci hasn't been able to find another venue. I don't anticipate it will start back up again before I move, but I'll be there if it does.
+ The week before my birthday, I went to St. Louis for a performance of The Magic Flute, set and costume design by Isaac Mizrahi. They went for an old-Hollywood kind of theme, which was a fun twist; the show was great, too. Subsequently, I got on the University's website to look at opera for the coming year and found that The Magic Flute is playing in the spring, which amuses me no end. Will probably go back next summer for The Barber of Seville.
+ Birthday was fun, if slightly anticlimactic from being at work. I came in to find balloons tied to my chair (including one that said, incongruously, "Welcome Baby". Shaun said that the only other option was "Sorry For Your Loss", so at least there was some thematic agreement). Then Maryum made me come down to the fifth floor, where I was surprised by Rocksy and MOAR BALLOONS. I said later I hoped she was pleased with herself. Needless to say, she was. Also, there was delightful lemon cake.
+ The movers came on Thursday to give me an estimate. It was under $1000, which was what I had hoped. I'll pay anything if it means lolmom doesn't have to help load the truck.
+ This weekend, lolmom and I drove out to THE IKEA AT THE END OF THE WORLD. We'd hoped it would take us about 8 hours (3.5 hours to get to West Chester, Ohio, about an hour to shop since I already knew what I wanted, and another 3.5 to get back). Obviously, it didn't play out like this. I went to pick up the truck at 7:00 a.m., per my rental agreement. It had just been returned by the previous renter, and it was not until 7:45 that I got to actually get in the truck and drive it somewhere. We arrived at IKEA around noon, whereupon I called the U-Haul office and extended my agreement until 6 p.m. (I was supposed to return the truck at 3). The store was packed, which I guess is to be expected in the Cincinnati area on a Saturday, and most of the other shoppers appeared to have never seen furniture before. I already knew what I wanted, though I did pick up some things that I hadn't gambled on; in the end, I walked out with a sofa bed, a coffee table, a kitchen table, three chairs, a bed, and a nightstand, plus a lamp and some cushions for the kitchen chairs. I am $1300 lighter in the wallet and actually have some of my furniture fund left. By the time the truck was loaded, I knew it wasn't going to be possible to get it back at 6, and called U-Haul again; the nice CSR helpfully extended my rental until 7:45 this morning and told me they wouldn't charge extra for it. By the time lolmom and I ate at the Waffle House in Corydon, got home, got the furniture out of our vehicles and into the garage, dropped off the truck, and came back home, it was 10:30. I was BEAT. But, I have furniture and I didn't
+ I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon. I'm also meeting up with someone for coffee tomorrow evening - not really a date, we're going Dutch, but definitely someone I like well enough to be friends with if nothing else. EXCITEMENT!

More Haps

+ Last weekend, I went to the Rendezvous at Vincennes, where I prowled the grounds, went to the fashion show, and saw the artillery demonstration and EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY BIG BATTEL, which ends differently every year. (This year, the armies of the Continental Congress quailed before the might of the British Empire and were driven ignominiously into defeat.) There are no pictures because my iPhone camera kind of does not handle things at a distance well, and you can't get right up on the battlefield to watch things be shot off.

+ Rocksy got a new job and clocked out for the last time on the 24th. She is happy and excited about her new job, and I'm happy for her, though it's weird and too quiet without my buddy. On Thursday, Maryum went out to eat at Cheddars with her, and Sheryl and I were hungry for chicken and waffles, so we invited ourselves to crash their dinner. This was well-received, and a good time was had by all.

+ I have clipped my natural hair really short, which is much more convenient and pleasant than having to pull it back in a bun and stuff it up and under my hair, but have not yet developed the stones to buzz it all off. Soon.

+ I re-entered Los Muertes yesterday in order to take measurements. The tenants were home, which was awkward, but they were nice and gracious about it, and I said I was going to try to avoid unnecessary creepiness but just wanted to make sure I had appropriate window treatments. (They have no curtains; my bedroom window has affixtures for a curtain rod, but the current window treatments are blinds and I don't want to assume they belong to the landlord only to find out I'm wrong.) I had totally forgotten, incidentally, that there is a small indentation where a table might be placed. (The kitchen isn't a proper kitchen, just a kitchenette.) The bathroom doesn't have a window and thus won't require curtains.

Every other woman my age is like, "HOUSEY!!!! I'm going to decoupage my favorite inspirational saying onto this piece of driftwood I painted robin's egg blue to match my furniture!!!", and I'm like, "I WILL DWELL IN THIS LAND. Err'body be careful where they put the furniture, it's going to still be there when I move out." I am so bad at Real Adulthood, but Real Adulthood looks like it might suck and be kind of boring, so I don't think I want to be very good at it.

+ Also, I have registered for the fall semester, thus proving that pretty much anything is possible, somehow. I'm taking the last two of the Core Four for the anthropology major (I took Bioanthropology and Introduction to Archaeology approximately 500 years ago to knock out distribution requirements), and Roman Law, because I tried to take Roman Law also about 500 years ago and had to drop it. (TL;DR - I bit off more coursework than I could chew that semester, was distressed by my beginning grade in C206 which at that time was a requirement for the Classical Studies major, and decided that it was more important to do well in C206. I pulled an A in that class, but had to drop Roman Law.) IT SHALL NOT CONQUER. Also, pleasure is important and so is keeping my classics hand in.

+ Did absolutely fucking nothing today. Might go doze in a bit.

We Are Pleased To Announce

We are not so pleased to announce that I had food poisoning symptoms for the first half of last week and spent several days praying for death. The week was, however, redeemed by dinner with Rocksy and Jen on Wednesday night.

We are also not especially pleased to announce that a huge storm ripped through the Tri-State, not dissimilar to a cosmic three-year-old screaming as he throws his toys. We had no power from Friday night until about noon Sunday, which is why my responses to comments have been sporadic at best. The Undead Zombie Tree (also known as that bigass maple in our backyard) lost huge chunks of its limbs (including the one that had been cabled together some time ago) and was revealed to contain carpenter ants, the backyard looked like Jungle Hell, and we had the Branch of Damocles perched on the garage roof in a not-particularly-nonthreatening manner. (The garage is a separate building and predates our house; it was a carriage house at one time.) The good news is that no one at all was injured in the storms, the Branch of Damocles has been removed by the roofer, and on Saturday, a couple of gentlemen who heat their house with wood came by and offered to chainsaw the larger branches in return for getting to take the wood, so everybody won. Lolmom may also be getting a new roof out of this mess. (Nothing came down on the house, thank fuck, but the roof is about 16 years old, was not particularly competently applied the first time, and has sustained previous storm damage.)

There is something kind of badass and empowering about throwing tree limbs into a pile for the city to pick up, though. (These were the smaller limbs that we could drag into a pile ourselves, obviously.) FUCK YOU STORM.

So what ARE we pleased to announce?Collapse )

You guys, everything is changing. I have desperately wanted this for a long time, and part of me is afraid that it'll be too good to be true. But I'm going to make the years I spend in Bloomington, however many they may be, some of the best of my life. On that, I am resolved.

The Wit and Wisdom of Lolmom

So lolmom is in the kitchen making hot cross buns, as we do every Easter. The recipe we use requires plain yogurt, which lolmom forgot to get at the grocery store this morning (though she did remember to get fruit on the bottom. Because it's my fucking yogurt experience and I want fruit on the bottom).

Lolmom: lol so i thot, "mayb i kans open frut on teh bottom n scraep off top layer n uze taht". but waz purplish b/c bluberry yogurt D:
Me: I don't...uh...I don't think you can... [collapses into incoherent laughter]
Lolmom: lol tehn i opend yogurt so i had 2 eat it :D

Ph33r not - she did find some vanilla yogurt and use that, so the hot cross buns were not ruined (and you can't taste the vanilla at all).

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