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Amazing Achievements Unlocked Of Late

I have had some trouble making the adjustment to being an unemployed student again, so the past couple of weeks, while enjoyable in some regards, have been tough in others. (Menstruating hasn't helped. I really wish I could just go off hormonal birth control entirely, but that's not a thing that can happen for about another 15 years.) I am feeling better now, so I'm going to rub your face in how I'm a totally functional adult and shit. And also because there is likely to be some radio silence for the next week or so (I have a problem set for L200 and a paper for C308 due in the next week).

1.) C308 (during the course of which I contributed to our understanding of Roman jurisprudence. HAHAHA not really but I should have gotten some participation points for that anyway).
2.) L200, a further exploration of phonetics and phonemes, and some practice with the International Phonetic Alphabet, so there is that. Also, the Undergraduate Anthropology Association is having its call-out meeting tomorrow so I plan on going to that.
3.) Went to the store. I now have like three meals planned in advance, plus the one I intend to consume when it comes out of the oven in a few minutes. I haven't fixed myself a real meal in a long time and it feels good. Salmon with green beans almandine tonight and I think also tomorrow, and shrimp fra diavolo for the four days following :D
4.) Finished the much-vaunted Draft I Couldn't Find. The ending is really anticlimactic because I'm shit at endings (probably a function of my being a historian - this chapter may be over but there are always repercussions so no story ever truly ends), and because I have really not been into this story for a long time. But there's an outline there for me to work with and revise as soon as I either locate or purchase a typewriter.
5.) Did a load of laundry. I have decided to stop using the laundry facilities provided by landlord, on account of the washer takes WAY THE FUCK TOO LONG and there is only one working dryer which still manages to leave my clothes damp (and not slightly damp - in-danger-of-mildew-damp). I am completely fine with using the gas to go to the laundromat and paying more money if it means that the wash cycle takes about 30 minutes and my laundry is actually dry when I take it out of the dryer. Also did E200 reading while I was there. VICTORY.
6.) Living room unfucking in progress. Too late to vacuum, but I can do that tomorrow morning.
7.) Called lolmom to say Hi. Assuming I don't have a job in 2 weeks, we've planned to go to Chautauqua Weekend in Madison. I think I might also have found her birthday cake, subject to approval.

1.) H2 and I went to the Bloomington Pride Summerfest over the weekend. I ordinarily flatly refuse to go to things like that, but we wanted to go to the poly workshop, which ended up being rather anticlimactic (partially because one of the other attendees could not wrap their head around the concept of non-hierarchical poly and kept forcing the panelists to repeat themselves). The kink workshop, however, was hugely entertaining.
2.) I had a job interview on Sunday morning for a shitty retail position that paid minimum wage. I don't think I got it. This is fine, in terms of I was not all that hipped on being a cashier again or being paid less than what I'm worth, but it was not so fine in terms of my not having a source of income at present.

And now, if you will excuse me, I believe my dinner is ready.


Sep. 11th, 2014 02:17 am (UTC)
I hear you on that one! Something will turn up, if I keep plugging, and at this point, it just has to be a job. But every effort is being made to kick its ass ;)

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